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Data Services


Direct Mail is only as good as your mailing list. Late, misplaced, wrongly addressed, duplicate mailings and returns all reduce the effectiveness and increase the cost of your marketing campaign. At Tstone Mailing we can check your mailing as follows:

  • Verify which addresses are correct according to Canada Post Standards.
  • Correct where possible incorrect addresses.
  • Filter out bad or incomplete records.
  • Split the file into valid records, corrected records and invalid addresses.
  • Supply printed reports on your data file and what we have corrected on it.


Correcting a mailing list makes it efficient, but is it effective? Tstone Mailing offers sophisticated data services to turn average mailing lists into great marketing
Tools as follows:

  • Restructure data and recategorizing
  • Accurate, professional data inputting
  • Merge multiple mailing lists
  • Case conversions to upper, lower, mixed case
  • Demographic analysis for better targeting
  • Genderization and salutation additions


Call Tstone Mailing for these and other enhancements to help you penetrate the direct mail market to reach your potential customers, increase your sales and add to your bottom line.